Crackling candles

Wicked Bliss scented candles are offered by theme collection. Each collection has a trio of candles designed and crafted with the most meticulous attention. The candles can then be lit individually or in a trio so that their scents and complementary notes intertwine. Once lit, our wooden wicks diffuse a pleasant crackling reminiscent of a gentle fireplace, thus creating a complete sensory experience.

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Featured Collections

This collection captures the comforting, cozy and nostalgic spirit of autumn by harmonizing nature and sweet treats to perfection. Let yourself be enveloped by the memory of a beautiful walk in the forest with golden leaves, a spiced pumpkin latte in hand and the sound of the leaves crunching gently under your feet. Back home, the irresistible scent of freshly baked apple pie is the perfect complement to any chilly fall day.

The breakfast collection evokes the memory of a sweet Sunday morning sleeping in. A delicious breakfast in bed consisting of maple syrup pancakes, a bowl of sweet cereals and a hot cup of cappuccino. A perfect blend of rich and sweet fragrances to make any brunch lover dream.

Trio de chandelles de la collection déjeuner
Pastille déjeuner - crêpes sirop d'érables, cappuccino, bol de céréales

Nostalgia of a warm summer evening at the cottage, on the edge of the forest and under a vast starry sky. Synonymous with pleasure and comfort, this collection is composed of all the essentials to any good campfire: the smell of the nearby forest, that of the light smoke dancing in the air and of course not forgetting the famous ritual of marshmallows grilled on the fire. Combined with the gently crackling wooden wick, the candles of the campfire collection will delight all your senses.

Trio de chandelles de la collection feu de camp
pastille feu de camp - douce fumée, forêt de conifère, guimauve grillée

Une combinaison énergique et rafraîchissante. Les chandelles de la collection fruitée ont des parfums vifs et frais avec des notes estivales sucrées. La chandelle à la mûre est l’incarnation d’une baie fraichement cueillie et propose de doux accents vanillés.  La pêche & crème est la combinaison parfaite entre sucré et acidulée, rappelant une bouchée de pêche parfaitement mûre et juteuse. Finalement, notre dernière chandelle nous transporte dans un verger de poire à faire la cueillette de fruits frais au parfum délicieux.

Trio de chandelles de la collection fruitée
pastille fruitée - mûre & vanille, verger de poires, pêche & crème

The velvet collection is synonymous with relaxation and will transport you to a soothing and sensual atmosphere. Let yourself be enveloped by the luxurious fragrances released by the blends of aromatic perrfumes and essential oils. It is the ideal complement to a self-care day: Bubble bath, exfoliating mask, a good novel and the gentle crackling of your favorite candle. It's the perfect option to pamper someone special for Valentine's Day or to give yourself a well-deserved gift. ♡

The floral collection is all about finesse and delicacy. We are transported to sunrise in a beautifully flowered field as the first rays of light warm the morning dew left on the delicate flowers. The fresh spring air carries a light fragrance lulled by the wind.

Trio de chandelles de la collection florale
pastille florale - pure lavande, jasmin blanc, fleur de cerisier japonais
  • gouttes de fragrance


    We use a wide variety of fragrance oils that are phthalate and paraben free, making them safer for you and the environment. In addition, all the ingredients used in our candles do not contain any animal derived substances.

  • chandelle

    Cire de soja

    Nos chandelles sont coulées à la main à partir de cire de soja . Cette cire naturelle, contrairement à la cire de paraffine habituelle, est issue d’une production écologique responsable et sans intrant chimique, promettant ainsi une combustion plus propre, plus sûre et plus longue de votre chandelle.

  • tronc d'arbre

    Wooden wick

    When lit, our crackling wooden wicks are reminiscent of the sound of a gentle fireplace and will quietly melt your candle. In addition to creating a soft, cozy atmosphere, the wicks we use are made of all-natural and ecological FSC-certified wood.